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Grow Towards Wellness

Start small, think big towards a holistic healthier lifestyle. Make just a few healthy changes to your beauty and health regime, swap for a better quality all-natural face serum or try a natural healing ointment for that bruised ankle. Our All Natural, Non - Toxic Beauty & Wellness products make it easy to do just this,  essential oils have countless benefits to your health and well being. Essential oils many benefits are astounding. We welcome you on this journey of health and wellness with us.


Your Health & Wellness Matter

Looking to stay zen in their full, busy lives as moms to 5 young children collectively, Rebecca Davis and Pilar Zosa, began sharing holistic tips about health, wellness and lifestyle - including, essential oil blends and natural remedies for everything from stinky feet to colds. Essentially Namaste was born out of a need to provide our own families with healthy alternatives for wellness and our excitement to share with you and your families. We are passionate about living a non-toxic lifestyle. All of our products are all natural, non-toxic, free from synthetic ingredients, fillers and chemicals. None of our products are tested on animals. Everything in our shop are our essentials for achieving our inner zen and will soon be yours. Namaste.

Live With Passion & Purpose

Minimal is bliss. We make All Natural, Non - Toxic Beauty & Wellness. Enjoy essential oils benefits for your health wellness